About IQ

What we do.

IQ Apparel develops corporate uniforms that connect emotionally with your customers and the workers who wear them. Our clothing integrates with the very fabric of your brand and creates a memorable, personal connection with your brand, image and products through your people.


The marketing team at IQ Apparel promotes your brand, not ours. We develop uniform catalogs, posters, Web sites and messaging campaigns that sync with your culture and fit seamlessly with your other marketing efforts.

Design and Development.

IQ Apparel’s designers work closely with you to create customized uniforms that promote your brand, motivate your employees and satisfy functional requirements. From drawings and fabric swatches to prototypes and pre-production samples, we engage you in every stage of the creative process.

Service and Support.

Our account management team is highly trained and dedicated to complete customer satisfaction. Every call is handled by professional, enthusiastic customer service representatives who know the business and use cutting-edge technology to get you fast, accurate answers.

Quality Assurance.

IQ works with you to develop precise specifications for garment fit, fabric and style. IQ staff and independent testing service organizations monitor overseas manufacturing on-site, inspecting samples throughout the process to ensure that every uniform you receive meets our exacting standards for quality.

Our Locations.

IQ Apparel headquarters are strategically located in Addison, Texas, a trendy business corridor in the Dallas metropolitan area. With some of the country’s largest and most prominent Fortune 500 companies in the region, this centrally located office offers access to the most talented professional and designer influences in the industry.

Our 45,000 square foot Oklahoma City distribution facility is designed to ship up to 4,000 orders per day. Advanced forecasting and close monitoring of manufacturing and logistics ensure that our warehouses maintain adequate stock.

IQ’s office in Hangzhou, China, employs a full-time staff that provides on-site operational management and continuous quality control for our overseas factory partners. Close relationships with retail-grade manufacturers allows IQ to hold the line on costs while safeguarding supply and maintaining the industry’s highest standards for quality. Regular independent audits ensure that our factories meet international standards for worker health, safety and fair compensation.

Our Sustainability Efforts.

IQ Apparel is an industry leader in recycling and ecologically-sensitive manufacturing. For example, our program to transition to recycled polyester will ultimately result in over 10 million fewer plastic bottles in landfills, conservation of 2,500 barrels of oil, and 1,800 fewer metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

Our factories substantially reduce pollution by recycling more than one million gallons of water per day, and many are incorporating solar power. IQ’s shipping cartons are made from recycled materials, and our staff is innovating breakthroughs in zero-impact packaging and eco-friendly dyes.

Additionally, IQ has initiated a program to no longer use hangtags on our garments, instead printing directly on recycled plastic content poly-bags, and has now made all printed marketing materials available as download-able PDFs to reduce excessive paper usage and waste.

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