Industries Served


Specialty Retail Uniforms-

Differentiate yourself from the competition; that is the name of the game. Your people really do make the difference, and IQ Group will help make them look and feel as if they do. The right uniforms project consistency, quality and professionalism that, along with the products and services you offer, define your image to create a competitive edge.

Food Service Uniforms-

Whether it is quick-serve, casual or fine dining, one chain or thousands of locations, we can work with you to establish a uniform program that covers all of your needs. From the kitchen to the ordering counter or front of house, we can outfit your staff in comfortable, durable clothing that reinforces your brand and enhances employee pride.

Manufacturing & Services Uniforms-

Factory, manufacturing and service employees should not be issued a dress code and told to buy off the rack. The choices they make can affect safety, morale and public image. Staff who have contact with your customers need to instill trust at first glance. Without a uniform, an installer, electrician, plumber or housekeeper, might not even get past the door, much less be welcomed back.

IQ Group designs uniforms to fit the task at hand, while delivering the style and comfort that makes people want to wear them. Clothing really can make the difference for your employees’ comfort and productivity, as well as enhancing your customers’ perception of your brand.

Grocery & Pharmacy Uniforms-

Whether they work the checkout, deli counter, customer service, butcher shop or stockroom, employees are every retail grocer’s first line of marketing in a very competitive business. Hurried shoppers need to spot store employees at a glance. When any customer in your store has to ask a stranger “do You work here?” your competition is grateful.

Nowhere is the immediate establishment of trust more vital than in health care. Customers associate uniformed pharmacy staff with training, professionalism and accurate advice. Uniformed employees let customers know that care was taken in hiring the people who help look after their health, and no job is more important.

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