Uniform Programs


It’s not a uniform. It’s your brand-

Uniforms have a direct impact on the success of your business. Your employees are front and center with your customers, and with each other, every day, and their uniform is a tangible means to communicate your brand. IQ Group works with you to leverage your uniform program to increase brand reach, brand impact, and employee morale.

Uniforms, a Smart Investment-

IQ Group helps you maximize the return on your uniform investment by creating durable, comfortable, easy-to-care-for clothing. By managing how your employees look and influencing the pride they feel in wearing their uniform, you actually increase customer satisfaction and employee loyalty. That’s a priceless combination.

Our Customers-

You see IQ Group uniforms at work every day: 7-Eleven, Pizza Hut,Taco Villa, and Brookshire Grocery are among market leaders who have entrusted IQ Group to outfit their employees with fashionable, functional, branded garments and accessories.

The IQ Process-

IQ Group’s customers expect affordable clothing with an emphasis on quality, style, performance and durability. We know you will not settle for less than reliable, timely and cost-effective programs from all of your suppliers. That is why our time-proven customer service process provides you with:

  • The planning and execution of the “IQ Brand Discovery Process”
  • Enhanced and role-specific apparel design
  • Reduced lead times
  • A balanced product cost and value equation
  • Elevated brand awareness
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